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2008 Vietnam (inside the river) exhibition of the sources of energy of the 2nd i
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  Time 2008-10-29 comes 2008-11-01 Cycle 2 years / Establish time 2007 Application ends 2008-10-10 Nod Vietnam river showpiece inside Vietnam of the name that exhibit a house international exhibition center Showpiece content 1. Oil natural gas: The energy-saving technology technology that production of natural gas of oil refining and petro-chemical technology and technology of development of exploration of natural gas of technology of development of exploration of oil natural gas and equipment, deep-sea oil and equipment, equipment, oil is machined and carries a territory and equipment, safety and environmental protection technology and equipment. String 6
2. new energy resources and but second birth the sources of energy: Solar energy (solar energy heat addition, solar energy generates electricity, the solar battery) , wind-force generates electricity technology and equipment, live thing is simple can: Development of biology fuel, firedamp is used etc, development of coal-bed gas and natural gas hydrate uses technology and device, replace fuel (cell of fuel of benzine of methanol, alcohol and derv, hydrogen) .
3. electric power: Generation set (dynamo of natural gas of gas of equipment of water and electricity, gas turbine, derv) , be defeated by technology of automation of distribution technology and equipment, electrified wire netting and equipment to wait.
4. coal: Mine machinery equipment (mining, construction, washing and facility for transporting) , safety defends and body of equipment of environmental protection technology, pink processing technique equipment, coal is energy-saving combustion technology and equipment, clean the treatment processing technology of coal and equipment.
5. is energy-saving: Equipment of general and energy-saving Electromechanical (equipment of technology of frequency conversion of air conditioning of kiln of industrial boiler, furnace, electromotor, fan, transformer, pump, valve, compressor, refrigeration, electric welder, electric machinery) , the building is energy-saving (the design of energy-saving building and housing materials, low cost can be built and can second birth the sources of energy.
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