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Turkey international auto industry reached fittings exhibition 2008
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  Time 2008-10-30 comes 2008-11-02 Cycle 1 year / Establish time year Application ends 2008-09-03 Showpiece dot Turkey Center of exhibition of CNR of Istanbul of the name that exhibit a house Showpiece content equipment and spare parts kind, all sorts of components such as machinery and equipment of dynamoelectric, electron, chassis equipment, engine and spare parts, automobile body and car interior equipment and spare parts and golden string 4

Belong to goods; Raw material kind, semi-manufactured goods, finished product reachs metallic processing technique; Organic material and chemical industry are tasted, organic raw material, fuel reachs product of additive, chemical industry, paint, insulation

Chemical of etc of material of material, sizy, adornment; Car services tool and service equipment, detect reach tool of measurement unit, hand, paint, dry house; Sale, commerce and take

Wu, exit, entrance and cent are sold, carry reach content to shed a service, pack, use circularly etc.
  Sponsor unit CNR Undertake unit company name: Shanghai farsighted Xin can exhibit contact of of service limited company: Phone of Zhang Yuyan: Fax of 86-021-50900715: Mailbox of 86-021-50901716: Address of Highway of Pudong of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 1097 lane zip code of 12 buildings 1702: Network address of 200135: Http://