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Communication of the energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon meets indu
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Had done the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon to drive me to save papermaking industry, my association will at Guangzhou was in between 23-24 date in July 2008 bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center holds ”2008 year industry of Guangdong province papermaking is energy-saving the technology that decrease a platoon communicates meeting ” (the corresponding period holds paper of international of the 5th 2008 Guangzhou to exhibit) , sessional by a definite date a day, by Guangdong commission of province economy trade, Guangdong saves papermaking association, Guangdong to save papermaking to the institute is sponsorred and undertake, the main controller of enterprise of papermaking of concerned unit of province, city and branch, key will be taken an active part in, predicting conference delegate will amount to 250 people.

The main content of the conference is it discuss papermaking industry how to be greeted is difficult to discuss papermaking industry how to be greeted and go up, had called battle of the energy-saving assault fortified positions that decrease a platoon and protracted battle, search me to save the difference of advanced level of papermaking industry and advanced province, city and world seriously, overcome complacent thought, establish hardship consciousness, clear effort it is direction, good to do energy-saving, fall bad news, decrease corrupt, work related synergism, discuss new technology, new technology to wait, better serve for papermaking enterprise, what the progressively country that finish asks is energy-saving decrease a platoon to expect an end. Partial content is as follows: String 5

Theme of meeting of unit of give a lectureString 7

Association of Guangdong province papermaking " contend for when energy-saving fall arms of bad news the person at the head of a procession " string 4

Industry of paper of Guangdong vessel abundant limited company " decrease corrupt add corrupt establish a plant this "
Dimension amounts to paper trade group " energy-saving decrease a platoon to achieve beneficial result "String 5

Guangzhou papermaking Inc. " stimulative company of economy of loop of carry out travel grows "String 7

Guangzhou papermaking Inc. " had done energy-saving decrease a platoon to build harmonious society environment "

String 9

of limited company of papermaking of Guangdong manage article " own innovation improves synergism of the energy-saving gain that decrease a platoon continuously " string 3

Dongguan is built sunshine paper industry limited company " height takes seriously effect sees at the beginning of investment energetically " string 5
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