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Russia studies natural air-water combines content exploitation technology
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On September 2, does A row overcome chief of lab of institute of billabong of lake of center of science of gram of Ci of library of Er of Yi of branch department of Siberia of Russia academy of sciences? Heleisiduofu expresses when accepting media to interview, “ peace - 1” date and “ peace - submersible of 2” date deep water was in on August 26 at was being mixed on August 7 respectively Lake Baikal is the biggest exit of bay of bay ——— Ba Ergu ferry with south about 850 discovered with bottom of Lake Baikal lake 3 oil are bit oozier in rice, be in these 3 already the area of rock of source of Lake Baikal oil of perambulate, scientists are planning to undertake hydrate of potential natural gas of ——— of prospective the sources of energy extracts the scientific research experiment of technical craft.
Alieke? Heleisiduofu expresses, the hydrate of natural gas of ——— of solid state compound that comprises by methane and water is in commonly ocean and northward frozen earth take area to be discovered, and also discovered such natural gas hydrate in bottom of Lake Baikal lake at present contain. Such natural air-water adds up to content general may be the raw material that future can replace the sources of energy one kind, but extract hydrate of this natural gas is not easy thing, main exploitation difficulty depends on the character of natural gas hydrate, when ice only temperature of hydrate of lumpish natural gas lifts, ice cube melts, natural gas just comes out from the depart in water. And the technology level that because did not suit such natural gas hydrate,extracts at present, still not was in mineral resources of natural gas hydrate to be extracted up to now in the whole world.

Alieke? Heleisiduofu still expresses, we are opposite “ the research of principle of science of natural gas hydrate, it is the ” that undertakes in the light of technology of exploitation of natural gas hydrate. Predict to be in 2009, staff member of institute of Russian lake billabong has associated Japan scientist the scientific research test of natural gas hydrate. He still emphasizes, already was eliminated about the possibility that has industrial exploitation natural gas in Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is the ” of “ natural lab of scientific research, its rich rich and special situation provided natural research base for the scientist. Extract to the natural gas hydrate of Lake Baikal bottom the technology has scientific research test at present, the purpose is the industrial exploitation of the natural gas resource that studies its to achievement application reachs other place, be not in the light of Lake Baikal.

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