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Development of marine 2020 new energy resources greets our country new chance
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On September 4, 2007, national hair changes appoint released to the society " but long-term development plans in second birth the sources of energy " , made clear China but the strategic position that second birth the sources of energy expands. Point out clearly among them: Henceforth a period, china but the stress that second birth the sources of energy develops is water can, live thing is simple can, wind energy and solar energy, advance ground heat energy and ocean actively can development is used. Total investment will amount to 2 trillion yuan before 2020. This means our country to will develop new energy resources energetically. Mean to marine domain at the same time, the development of marine new energy resources welcomed a new development chance.

Marine new energy resources basically includes marine wind energy, wave can, tide can, still marine biology can wait, because these are resourceful, clean clean, but second birth sex is strong, with zoology environment harmony, be organized to regard as by U.N. environment at present the idealest, have perspective most replace one of the sources of energy. Of kilometer of the coasting that our country has 18000 kilometers, 300 much square administer maritime space, marine energy resources is very substantial, use value extremely tall. Among them, the reserves of wave of coastal waters region is 150 million kilowatt about, can develop benefit dosage to make an appointment with 30 million ~ 35 million kilowatt, marine wind energy has left and right sides of 700 million kilowatt about. In the meantime, our country is big country of world energy consumption, develop marine new energy resources to accord with national condition energetically, consume a structure to optimizing the sources of energy, reduce pollution, protect an environment, society of the economy that prop up can develop continuously, the sense is very great. String 4

Current, our country is new to ocean of the sources of energy use ability to just begin, have not form dimensions to develop, the industry such as marine wind report, tide is existing level of innovation of science and technology is relatively backward, incentive mechanism is not quite perfect, have not form the issue of the respect such as the lasting effect mechanism that new energy resources develops continuously. Invest cost as a result of research and development of marine new energy resources, production especially tall, inside short time have obvious economic benefits hard, in ocean of coastal most region at present development of new energy resources still gets desolate, did not cause the attention with concerned enough respect. This among them main reason is devoid strategy eye, have not realize marine new energy resources develops the wide perspective that use and market potential, did not realise development ocean new energy resources is right especially the positive effect that protects an environment.
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