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England invents marine tide to be able to generate electricity device
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England " independent newspaper " the website reports 23 days, to develop marine the sources of energy, an engineer of England invents a plant that gets electric power from inside marine tide energy.

According to the report, tide of world head stage can the dynamo will be in England 24 days Si Telan Fu Dewan installs perch. The devoted use likelihood of this one device brings marine the sources of energy to use the “ revolution ” of the domain, make this insularity place needs England of electric power 1/5 can from surround get in its ocean, make England becomes the Saudi Arabia ” in “ marine the sources of energy thereby.

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Report, this new-style tide that the name is ” of n of e of G of a of “ S e can turbogenerator, it is those gets · to not the result of the tentative idea of Lun Keer's engineer and indefatigable effort. Want to be put in the tide that when going up when bay, retreats directly only, can produce the electric power that can use for 1140 dwellers. The expert says, buy of this new clothes makes the development of marine the sources of energy is used strode one stride again. String 4

This new-style tide can turbogenerator will be placed to be in Si Telan Fu Dewan is wide the 500 channel mouth place of rice. Feral biologic also is here important habitat, because this carries,the author will is opposite the locomotive condition of the machine undertakes be monitoringed closely. The concern with at present main people is, turbogenerator can harm seal such ocean is mammalian, dan Fulun overcomes Er to say, the rotational rate of turbine is very slow, and marine animal is very agile, accordingly this won't be a very big question.

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Fulunkeer says, the generating capacity of this dynamo can achieve 1 . 2 million is made of baked clay, will be the unit system ” of the first industry scale that uses tide to generate electricity. String 4