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Can total reserves makes an appointment with our country ocean perspective of el
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Our country ocean can be resourceful, total reserves is 800 million much tile about, development foreground is considerable. The course tries hard ceaselessly, industry of our country marine power is growing steadily, the addition during 15 ” of “ of marine power industry is worth average growth rate to be 16 % left and right sides. According to " China is marine 2007 economic statistic bulletin " show, our country marine electric power increased a value to already amounted to 500 million yuan 2007, than going up year of growth about 17 % .

Maritime wind-force generates electricity: Do sth on a large scale

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Those who occupy academy of Chinese atmosphere science is preliminary calculate, our country is maritime can develop wind energy reserves to be 750 million kilowatt. Tend as onshore fan gross saturated, maritime wind-force generates electricity the focal point that will make future develop. String 6

The “ country science and technology that started 2007 props up source of plan ” aux will be able to to regard a key as the domain, put forward to want to be during 915 ” of “ development of group of electric machinery of high-power wind of constituent executive “ and demonstrative ” project, establish electric field of wind of coastal waters experiment, form technology of maritime wind cable. Of the same age, the East China Sea of Shanghai of —— of maritime wind electric field that our country develops first times via the country and reforms committee approve is big the bridge sea of 100 thousand kilowatt is windward electric field project already start working construction, the plan built go into operation 2009. Be located in Bohai Sea distant east first off shore of Chinese of the bay maritime and wind- driven power station, threw operation formally on November 28, 2007, it is to indicating Chinese development is maritime more wind report had materiality to break through.

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Meanwhile, project of cable of a batch of maritime wind drove foreland wind cable industry grows quickly, the base of wind cable industry such as the Tianjin, harbor that connect the cloud is initial form. Current, our country has had coastal wind-force to send electric field 18, and what the net generates electricity is main have south bay electric field of wind of long island of electric field of wind of horizontal hill of electric field of wind- driven hair, Dalian, Shandong. String 6

Archipelago of sea of big company commander is located in in Yellow Sea, arrive by ship nowadays long sea, on the chain of mountains that can see island rises and fall far, the windmill with a huge desk stands firm loftily, blade turns carefreely along with wind, formed a Wei Ran's grand scenery line. The unit of 24 typhoons cable here can generate electricity every year left and right sides of 15 million kilowatt hour, move 5 years to come already accumulative total generates electricity 5000 much watt-hour, be equivalent to an ammunition power plant consuming the manufacturing level of 30 thousand tons of coal. Liu Xingwei of secretary of long sea county Party committee says: The benefit of two respects comes to “ economic integration and zoology look, development uses the optimal option that new energy resources is long sea absolutely. Henceforth, new energy resources is growing the sea to be able to get greater progress for certain. When the condition is mature, we return meeting development to use tide can, wave can. ”
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