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Shanxi saves Coal Board: Strive 2008 annual produce coal 6. 800 million tons - e
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Saved Coal Board know from Shanxi recently, my province produces coal first half of the year 330 million tons, second half of the year strives to finish 350 million tons, annual finishs 680 million tons, and my leave out produces per year coal 630 million tons.

First half of the year, shanxi saves coal output accumulative total to finish three hundred and thirty-one million six hundred and forty-one thousand two hundred tons, increase forty million nine hundred and forty-three thousand tons compared to the same period, amplitude is 14.08% , faster than last year 2.88 percent. Its China has key coal company to finish one hundred and seventy million four hundred and seventy thousand seven hundred tons, increase 1551.7 9 compared to the same period 10 thousand tons. Local colliery finishs one hundred and sixty-one million one hundred and sixty-seven thousand three hundred tons, amplitude is as high as 18.73% . Complete province accumulative total produces electric coal 181 million tons, 55% what occupy complete province raw coal to produce gross, grow 19% .

To achieve yield of second half of the year 350 million tons target, my province is developed above all state-owned the action that colliery of backbone of big mine, place and mechanization transform pit, raise coal yield, aggrandizement transforms the superintendency of construction mine and service, support builds mine to perfect formalities as soon as possible, at an early date trial production or complete put into production, strive second half of the year increases productivity again 50 million tons. In addition, must strengthen safety to superintend, because happen,prevent to weigh especially big accident, bring about large area stop production to rectify a phenomenon.

Although I save annual coal output to increase, but still the need of inside and outside of difficult contented province. The whole nation needs altogether this year I save manufacturing coal many tons 800 million, and the productivity of mine of my province production is national check and ratify only 590 million tons, breach of supply and demand more than 200000000 tons. To June end, I save coal reserve sixteen million eight hundred and twenty-three thousand four hundred tons, reduce seven million nine hundred and seventy-six thousand six hundred tons than the beginning of the year, drop 32.16% , because inventory distributings in 2000 many mine, station, some mine, station ships normally hard even, these difficulty will be I save second half of the year to need to overcome. String 4