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Concerned illume term - energy-saving the net that decrease a platoon
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If other is all industry of science and technology is same, illume industry also has its major term. These special vocabulary and concept can define the feature of illuminant and lamps and lanterns clearly, make measure unit standardization, it is right below among them the specification of the most significant technical terms.

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The light and radiate

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·The light and radiate
Light is electromagnetic wave radiate the eye to the person, via visual nerve changeover is the light, that share that can be seen by naked eye namely is spectral. The wavelengh limits of this kind of ray is in 360 arrive between 830nm, it is electromagnetism radiate spectrum is very small merely partially. The temperature when 50Hz of temperature far outclass works, arise thereby taller colour temperature white colour appearance and better colour rendering. String 2

·Luminous flux Φ
Unit: Lumen [Lm]
The summation of the energy that illuminant blasts off and is received by the person's eye is luminous flux namely (Φ ) .
String of light intensity distributinging graph 6

·Light intensity L
Unit: Kandela [Cd]
Will tell commonly, the light shoots to different way, and intensity each different. Visible light is called light intensity in the intensity that some launchs inside specific deflection (L) . String 2

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Light intensity (L) is to point to in some specific deflection (W) string 6

The luminous flux that launchs inside (Φ )

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·E of intensity of illumination
Unit: Lux [Lx]
Intensity of illumination (E) be luminous flux and by the coefficient of proportionality between illuminate area. String 6

What 1 Lx shows the luminous flux of 1 Lm distributings on average to go up in area Lm2 plane namely is bright degree.

E of intensity of illuminationString 3

·Brightness spend L
Unit: Kandela / square metre [Cd/m2]
Brightness degree (L)
It is the strength that shows an eye to see object reflex from some direction place.

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