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Industry of our country chemical fibber is energy-saving the shoulder heavy resp
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Come nearly 10 years, progress of technology of industry of Chinese chemical fibber is very rapid, the industry is integrated year after year of level of specific power consumption drops. Real value is ton of integrated specific power consumption of polyester polymerization only coal of 114 kilogram mark, already under world average level, the level of specific power consumption of filament of polymerization of short staple sticking gum, polyamide fibber, polyamide fibber under international average level, specific power consumption of breed of other chemical fibber slightly tall, but all be in with international level difference 5% ~ 10% between.

But chemical fibber industry is energy-saving situation still very austere, according to the country statistic of enterprise of 1000 specific power consumption, by the unit the product uses up mark coal

Some closer year, chemical fibber industry also obtained not little progress in the respect that decrease a platoon, but pressure is greater still. With water of chemical fibber bad news larger trade sticking gum is exemple: With weighted average of domestic a person of same business preliminary business accounting, filament sticking gum ton water consumption is 197 tons, stick glue short fine ton water consumption is 80 tons, repeated usage rate is in average water 70% above, better business already achieved 95% above. This and photograph of international person of the same trade are older than returning existence difference. Platoon and solid trash are being decreased to discharge a respect in waste gas also is such, clean production task is formidable, waste gas administers shoulder heavy responsibilities. String 3

Actually, association of Chinese chemical fibber from 2007 shift working emphasis to the " technology that promotes entire industry first ascensive " and " industry upgrade " comes up, indicate the gender works even if " develops fiber of new and high technology among them " and drive " energy-saving the " that decrease a platoon, had entered " to seek deal with concrete matters relating to work, say efficiency " level. Basically have the following sides:

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It is closely around energy-saving, fall water of bad news, section, reduce economy of platoon, clean production, loop 6 respects content, involve chemical fibber fiber of 6 great basic variety, new and high technology 9 breed, emphasize an analysis domestic and international current situation, level and difference, the key is put in thorough investigation to solve the relevant technology of issue of this 6 sides, project. But the economic feasibility that also should assess investment seriously, prevent and solve the recurrent 2 pollution problem in governing a process. String 3

2 it is to strengthen science is publicized and guide, should notice to lead investment enthusiasticly particularly settle a trade with tall, new technology the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon comes up, these workload bedding face are wide, gain true economic benefits and social benefit more easily. String 4
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