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Circular economy: Chemical industry is energy-saving the effective mode that dec
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Circular economy is economy of a kind of zoology substantially, circular economy asks to organize economic activity into resource of a “ - product - the feedback form technological process of renewable resources ” , its feature is small mine, usury is used, low discharge. The economy that all material and the sources of energy have ceaselessly in this gets in the loop reasonable and use abidingly, arrive with reducing economic activity to the influence of environment as far as possible small degree. And traditional economy is by “ resource - product - the linear economy that pollution discharges ” one-way flow, tall exploitation, low use, tall discharge the characteristic that is it. Chemical enterprise serves as with can, bad news can large family, in the energy-saving respect that decrease a platoon the method is a lot of perhaps, but the author thinks, expanding circular economy is chemical enterprise comes true from fountainhead energy-saving the efficient way that reduces a platoon.

The biggest characteristic of circular economy is the generation that pollutes from fountainhead and whole process precaution, what implementation litter discharges is the smallest change and harmless change, this is the calligraphy or painting model of green chemical industry undoubtedly. The main goal of contemporary loop economy is precautionary litter is discharged and reduce environmental pollution from fountainhead. On company strategy level, chemical enterprise besides get profit, also should assume social responsibility at the same time. Among them, social responsibility is the protection to the environment a the most important, build the green chemical industry that can develop continuously.

Additional, circular economy can increase chemical business energy-saving the economic benefits that decreases a platoon. To an any enterprises, energy-saving decrease a platoon whether the key of implementation is economic benefits problem. If energy-saving decreased a platoon to reduce economic benefits, the enterprise can lose power. Fujian 3 change decide to delimit via saving a government in the beginning of the year unplug Fujian after 3 steel group, fujian two histories are the longest the biggest chemical industry and steely enterprise couplet sleeve, also use resource to circulate between the enterprise, optimize configuration resource, provided capacious development stage. The anxious furnace energy of life that at present two enterprises are studying to use steelworks carries hydrogen to produce methyl alcohol through pressure swing adsorption, because steelworks cooking produces meeting generation many Jiao Lu is gas, and Jiao Lu is gas and current basically be use when fuel, very regrettablly. The expert thinks, jiao Lu is gas the most valuable is when industrial chemicals, because the hydrogen of 60% is contained inside it. The enterprise turns a waste material that produces a course, rubbish into another kind of production the producer goods of the process, “ rubbish ” becomes resource in the ” of “ food chain of circular economy, the enterprise received income, also fell naturally to environmental pollution lowest, loop and use got agreeing best here.
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