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Dye industry is energy-saving the job that decrease a platoon already there can
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The association of Chinese dye industry that holds last week 5 on 7 board, chinese oil and Meng Quansheng of vice-chairman of chemical industry association offerred dye industry energy-saving reduce a specific target, set out from the characteristic of dye industry and engineering technology feature, establish the 4 safeguard step that achieves a goal and the technology that need popularizes mainly. Dye industry is energy-saving the job that decrease a platoon already was there can be no turning back.

Energy-saving decrease a platoon to establish a goal

According to center deploy, petrifaction industry wants this year with energy-saving decrease a platoon to attach most importance to a dot, of change of pattern of stimulative economy structural adjustment, growth and quality benefit rise, place this task in significant strategic position, had caught include dye industry inside of key domain energy-saving decrease a platoon.

Be aimed at a few specific issues that exist in the industry, meng Quansheng offerred dye trade energy-saving the main goal that reduces a platoon: Wash out a batch of raw material to use up tall, close those who lead low, blowdown not to amount to mark badly is medium or small manufacturing company, make the dot reduces dye industry manufacturer 200 less than; Wash out noxiousness entirely the dye breed of difference of big, function and incommensurate market demand; Carry highland overall material utilization factor and reclaim utilization rate, make the unit resource of main product consumes a level (the trade is total level) the advanced level that reachs foreign congener product; The blowdown of all dye enterprise achieves what the country sets to discharge a standard.

4 step will ensure

Want to achieve afore-mentioned goals, meng Quansheng points out need has 4 safeguard measure: String 1

It is to build perfect statistic and evaluation system. Build industry specific power consumption to examine a system, perfect and energy-saving, fall bad news mechanism. Basically be build and implement strict and meticulous manufacturing management system, include to build the metric management system with manufacturing operating rules and rigid setting, those who make water, report, steam reachs raw material is metric accomplish accurate and successive, with benefit the norm management at production, achieve the goal of managing synergism.

2 it is to adjust industrial structure, raise an industry to be spent centrally further. Basically be to take the advantage between the enterprise complementary the method with powerful powerful combination, establish a few large industry groups; Still answer to guide an enterprise actively to remove to chemical garden area, the group that forms dye production is changed.
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