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Be in energy-saving the professional consciousness that employee changes in decr
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In recent years, chinese lug group develops continuously in economy while, the consciousness that protects an environment rises ceaselessly, increase stage by stage to the investment of environmental protection. The reporter is visited in discovery, cleanness of the energy-saving ” that decrease a platoon, “ produces ” of “ environmental protection, “ workshop, team and group is walked into like the beautiful sunshine in the summer of ” concept positive-appearing image that reflects scientific progress view, changing the professional consciousness of employee.
   The ” of “ loop economy in abandoning water treatment to stand
On July 3, in lug (Luoyang) liquid waste of fuel eject company handles a station, the reporter sees many industrial waste water undertakes collection here, filter, disinfection. Through the liquid waste after a few craft are handled, became clean water gradually, and in a steady stream flows to collect ceaselessly implement in. Staff member Wang Jianqun tells a reporter, the liquid waste that they handle everyday is controlled in 100 tons, achieve the circumfluence of partial liquid waste that discharges a standard to be in charge of to fuel eject company use strong toilet, use 2 times when realize liquid waste.
The reporter interviewed the lug in be being built (Luoyang) processing of liquid waste of dynamical machinery company stands and the one water treatment in date stands. Among them the one water treatment in date stands is the “ that ability of Chinese lug wheeled tractor revises a project 3 at the same time project of ” environmental protection, the industrial sewage that the truckle in basically handling Chinese lug delays factory of branch, 3 outfit, 4 outfit plant and partial sewage. According to environmental protection Meng Xiaochun of technical government room introduces, the one in date water treatment that is about to build stands but day handles liquid waste 800 tons, the liquid waste after processing will be used at industrial production, afforest to wait, realized the recycle of water natural resources thereby, and also bring regular economic benefits to the enterprise while implementation pollution decreases a platoon. String 6
“ be about to the finishing one water treatment in date stands project, the water in be group company whole is answered those who use a project is comprehensive carry out pulled open prelusive. Country of Cao Cheng of undersecretary of ministry of environmental protection of safety of ” China lug says, “ will increase propagandist strength next, enhance the energy-saving consciousness decreasing a platoon of employee and technical ability. ”
  Environmental protection and “ fall the rich of cost ” weichis
Fuse in ironworks of Chinese lug ball workshop, red molten iron is gone to to build molded lines by carry, clean and pure and fresh work environment lets a reporter feel glad.
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