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Coal insecurity! Coal price is high! Agent of coal of section of new source trea
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Integrated media6Month18Daily, 2008Year since, from the point of countrywide coal market, as a result of the rapid development of national economy, increase of coal demand substantially, and effective productivity is not worth coal relatively, cannot satisfy the coal market demand that increases increasingly, the case that grabs coal natural resources is argued on the market more apparent, some clients purchase an amount to increase coal even, put forward actively to raise coal to purchase the value, make after climbing the coal price after rising to arrive at higher-priced, cannot fall, this appeared the coal price with bigger longer range resides the whole nation difficult the situation below. String 6

Coal is supplied nervous with each passing day, Coal price all the way violent wind rises! Science and technology of the division in boreal capital line of business develops limited company to roll outXin YuanbaoCard section coal supports combustion agent (section coal agent) , section coal effect is distinct, section coal is led hundred10Above, use for a long time can amount to hundred 25 above, the enterprise uses return rate for a long time very considerable. Every tons of coal adds this tasting0.25Kilogram, Coal price is pressed500Yuan/Ton aggregate, Use this section coal agent economic benefits at least every tons are managing20~30Yuan abovePress at present coal price trend, 500Yuan/Ton coal price already made the history. Bigger economic redound clearly. String 4

Our product quality has assure, Can come to do a test, Sign experimental agreement. Sincere abide by about. Representative of countrywide sincere action joins in! String 3

String 6
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