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High-power " HID electron ballast "
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High-power “HIDElectronic ballast ” --------In electric energy touch a stone and turn it into gold In illume domain, ” of “HID electron ballast is the topic of an attention making a person all the time. Because of electronic ballast more traditional inductance ballast is compared, can make the integrated and energy-saving latent capacity of lamp of high-power gas discharge sends disinter 20%-30% above, this is a tremendous business chance undoubtedly, countless investor gave great expectations to her. But, it lets however lots and lots of person can easily feel her however forever unavailable she. She is exposed with respect to glisten like bullion before people, can become lots and lots of when be abstracted before the person, she uses layer upon layer stone however lap oneself, those who make people bumps is head broken and bleeding, let their principal not have return. Face such dilemma, can you look at Shi Xing to sigh only? Be still touch a stone and turn it into gold? Electric energy investment managed limited company to undertake to HID electron ballast the attention with 10 constant one's remaining years is mixed in dog, final decision invests this project, overcame a variety of difficult problem in process of research and development of HID electron ballast successfully. Go up in research and development above all, senior engineer passes the Chen Lixin of electric energy 10 years in indefatigable effort and enterprising, guide an include many medium, senior engineer is main technique core, personnel of a few technologies is complementary, perfectness electrician learns, mechanical, electronics, electric illume learns report, the group of professional research and development of the knowledge of the respect such as electromagnetism, take proper motion development and the kind that photograph of transfer of technology ties, the technology is introduced to be digested adequately in existing to home technology and abroad, on absorption foundation, with the characteristic of the product union rises undertake science studies. Invest not only get effective fast, the product has advanced sex again, the development of technology of the electric energy in can be being promoted more. In addition, the group of research and development of electric energy is in in acoustical resonance, these two EMC, worries of problem of research and development of HID electron ballast to staying, according to the requirement that uses actually, use low frequency square wave to export a technology, the tube that avoided acoustical resonance phenomenon to cause thoroughly not only is light twinkle, weigh dissilient issue, rely on effective technical program and rich practical experience, solved the cost of compatibility of electronic ballast electromagnetism, bulk, craft is made, dependability, this 5 catastrophe inscribe sex of give attention to two or morethings, and program of this kind of technology is in apply actually in the center, also obtained good market feedback. Oneself power comsumption and medicinal powder the another special a Gordian knot that heat is stability of ballast of influence HID electron, dependability and service life. < 0.70m2 accumulates in the surface at aluminium makes the electronic product inside airtight body for: In circumstance of temperature of 25 ℃ environment, its are exterior medicinal powder quantity of heat is controlled in 40W, and 40W is in airtight implement inside the temperature that produces will exceed 80 ℃ above. This is a very adverse environment temperature to electronic parts, the working place of semiconductor device can produce drift, the stability that outputs power ensures hard. Vital issue is to electroanalysis capacitance easy ageing and “ explode oar ” . Be aimed at this problem, in ballast of electron of electric energy HID is in the control of oneself power comsumption of 400W 23W, use data of high-tech heat conduction, make airtight implement inside the temperature control that produces is under 60 ℃ , than traditional Tie Rui inductance ballast saves 20 % - the electric power of 60 % is used up, use the case of whole sealing at the same time, having first-rate environmental suitability, assured the stability of the product, dependability and service life. Want design and trial-produce to give satisfactory HID electron ballast, not only the test that should pass each electric property, adopt the standard of electric equipment product certification of relevant country, be faced with the electronic product volume that how asks this production requirement of extremely tall, craft is complex to produce the issue that turns production even. The quantity produces the problem of craft parameter consistency that the key that turns production is material, parts of an apparatus, returning those who another cannot be ignored is to examine with ageing problem. And in ballast of electron of electric energy HID not only passed 3C, CE, CQC, ROHS all sorts of detecting attestation, and pass rigorous overall quality management make sure product quality is reliable, the high temperature before leaving factory to the filtration of component and ageing and product especially and test of electrified ageing life undertake examining strictly. Electric energy company passes the halide of metal of 78 high pressure that transforms for company of tap water of Shanghai golden hill in the lamp, test of 8000 hours and the lamp of 600 400W HID that for Shanghai the company that respect dazzle transforms illume 10000 hours in try, overall product passed the test of time and temperature not only, and energy-saving effect exceeds lowermost section report the design standard of 20% , some is as high as 60% . The product of firm of electric energy investment is in after the test that in be being mixed through small lot experiment, tries, depend on the effort of oneself and actual strength, be in eventually touch a stone and turn it into gold of industry of HID electron ballast! Old unripe " 15013439303 "
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