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Central heating lukewarm 100 reasons (Xu Ansha)
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Central heating lukewarm 100 reasons

String 3

Heat and can manage a Xie Gong String 7

String 7


String 2

Matter of central heating lukewarm is more complex, not be by a few or ten reasons are OK and wraparound, have hundreds of factors at least. We know, by heat source, heat net and face of hot user tripartite form whole heating power system, hot user but fractionize is the system inside the building and user, the each dot occurrence problem of these link, cause appearance of central heating lukewarm possibly. Show the experience according to theory and practice, press the system inside net of heat source, canal, building and user 4 link, enumerate gives 100 elements to summarize as follows: String 1

String 4

One, heat source: (in all 28 elements) String 3

1.1, filling water element: String 3

1.1.1, bit more constant pressure low: Filling water pump is bit more constant pressure low, tall building is not hot in the system.

String 1

1.1.2, breakdown of filling water pump: Filling water pump gives an issue, without reserve pump, the system has a deficit badly water. String 4

1.1.3, transducer is out of order: Transducer of filling water pump gives trouble, filling water is not seasonable.
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