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Fire vigorously promote energy conservation group
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In recent years, Zhejiang fire groups to achieve energy saving, development of recycling economy as its theme, introduced the international advanced level of technology and equipment. In improving the production process while reducing energy consumption and protect the surrounding environment. Red Imported Fire Group is a cement manufacturing industry, set power generation, logistics, mining, research and development as one of the company, is the support of national key large-scale cement enterprises (groups) one, with new dry cement production line 4, with an annual output 7.5 million tons of cement. Since June of this year, the company removed 13 units diameter of 3 meters below the cement mill, and bought a large diameter roller press with a new energy mill. Red Imported Fire Group, the relevant responsible person said that energy conservation is the performance of the competitiveness of enterprises, so companies take the initiative to remove the technology behind the 13 sets of cement mill. Cement mill company originally produced only 20 tons per hour, and now each 4.2 meters in diameter mill cement output reached 180 tons per hour, per 1 ton of cement raw material handling can be saving 6 kWh. Enterprises to reduce energy consumption in the production of the same time, increased production efficiency, quality of cement is more stable. Fire group has many "energy saving through." As early as 2005, the Group has been behind the shaft kiln fire all out, replaced by new dry kiln to reduce the dust emissions. Preparation of the cement raw materials, the fire group is established in Zhejiang Province first to use the dry mill enterprises, through the technology side of the wet raw material for baking side grinding, reducing energy consumption link. In the inspection and testing and control equipment, fire Group adopted a more advanced automatic control system to replace manual operation to avoid the error caused by manual operation and waste. As a green enterprise in Zhejiang Province, has been booming in recent years, the Group has invested over 100 million yuan for the renovation of equipment for making a great contribution to energy saving. Only the boiler, the enterprise can save annually 5,800 tons of standard coal. Company official said that energy conservation is not a passive response, need to take the initiative to whom. If companies do not attach importance to energy saving, and perhaps save some money into a moment, but will hinder the improvement of production processes, reduce market competition.