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Unscramble bulletin of state of 07 China environment: "Inflection point " the ha
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Ministry of national environmental protection was released in eve of World Environment Day " 2007 bulletin of Chinese environment state " . A group of data are conspicuous: Discharge capacity of countrywide chemical oxygen demand dropped than 2006 2007 3. 14 % , discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur drops than 2006 4. 66 % .

Look be like little data, having great sense however -- main contaminant discharge capacity comes true first double drop, this makes clear, the historic change of our country environmental protection is stepping solid pace.

"Inflection point " appear, not accident, because have a program early,blue print is mixed arrange as a whole. 2005, countrywide National People's Congress is approved " 915 " program compendium, the tie sex quota that reduces specific power consumption of unit gross domestic product 20 % left and right sides, main contaminant to discharge gross to reduce 10 % to be economic society to develop certainly. To achieve this one goal, relevant section undertook many sided works.

-- advance a project actively to decrease platoon and structure to decrease a platoon, fulfil management to decrease a measure seriously; From reproduction whole process makes environmental economic policy, use a variety of economy methods such as finance, taxation, finance, credit, price, commerce integratedly; Spread out the whole nation to pollute source census, environment processing of pollution of system of macroscopical strategy research, water and control sex of 3 large bases is strategical environmental protection project.

-- exert oneself undertakes international environment cooperates. Begin the Sino-US strategy that decrease a platoon to combine economic research, platform of collaboration of environmental protection of the Russia in using carries out combination to monitor to water environment, lend force Sino-Japanese economy high level conversational mechanism advances what combination of environmental protection collaboration states to fulfil, extend the communication of bilateral environment collaboration with developing country and circumjacent country.

-- firm catchs those who make metric model to fulfil. In a year, branch of environmental protection superintend to the whole nation project of 9000 many new go into operation began environmental protection special clear examination, 1194 project that criticizes a requirement to according with annulus gives gravity is handled lawfully, overrule or defer 10 enterprises 8.4 billion yuan appear on the market financing application, the annulus evaluation that suspends 5 10 city, 2 county, developing zones and group of 4 electric power is approved.
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