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The government starts pair of small water and electricity to develop formulate t
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One, nearly 20 one's remaining years come to preface, a lot of world developing countries and one part developed country are compared to urine report development take seriously, adopted vigorous policy, formulate all sorts of different incentive policy, try to promote urine report develop energetically. Because go up,this is century since 70 time later period, place of happen frequently of climax of world oil crisis causes, the resource reserves that expert of energy of a few international feels to the world uploads all fossil fuel is limited, the mankind must be searched as early as possible " replace the sources of energy (Alternate Energy) " , and step up its spend medium proportion in the sources of energy. Alleged replace the sources of energy, basically be to point to but second birth the sources of energy, include urine report. From theoretic tell, urine report is those who take is endless, those who use not of exhaust, but actually urine report can develop resource also is finite. Be in current world's accepted 12 kinds but in second birth the sources of energy, great majority new energy resources is like wind energy, solar energy to wait to still be in scientific research, trial-produce and earlier promotion phase, the technology is immature, build cost tall, scope is little, short-term inside still hard large proportion replaces traditional the sources of energy actually. Be in but in second birth the sources of energy, urine cable technology is mature, build cost low, scale is larger, it is the actualest and feasible so. But with the tradition production of contemporary great electric power is compared in the sources of energy, urine report is remained " weak force " the sources of energy, dimensions level of small, technology competition ability of not tall, economy is not strong, commercialize run ability weaker, if do not have governmental support, still get extensive development hard. The data that collects from us looks, asia-Pacific area developing country (also include a few other country) 20 come for years a series of support of formulate, policy that urges urine report development and measure, carry out a circumstance actually to fare badly mostly. Urine report is in although these countries also had apparent progress, countrywide outfit machine develops several tile from thousands of kilowatt. Outside dividing China, report of Asia-Pacific area urine runs most India actually to be able to amount to tens of myriad to cover with tiles. But the scale in the power total capacity in them still is negligible (all be in hundred) .
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