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Energy-saving the boat that it is a country media of Shanghai of fine power sour
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About Hangjia the meaning of energy-saving power source, boat fine achieve power timely explanation says Tang Jinsong of manager of sale limited company: At present energy-saving power source includes Hangjia three-layer connotation, it is to bide one's time power comsumption is less than 1W, 2 it is to change efficiency to be more than 80 % , 3 it is power element is more than 0.8.

Current consumptive market, a lot of users think the machine help of high-end high-power power source to oneself is very great, the Tang Dynasty the director says: This is a kind of misunderstanding, we had made technical division strict had checked, with a machine that at present mainstream plant layout comes down, 300W already more than sufficient, consumer does not have power source of high-power of high end of necessary and blind pursuit, the user must be abided by in the course that chooses power source " it is good to be used quite " principle, the choice suits his power source.

Subsequently the spot still holds a series of lottery activities, lucky person obtain ship fine newest the boat that roll out fine sober king strengthens edition power source, afternoon at 5 o'clock, media meets can end in the environment of a kind of relaxed harmony