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Zhejiang is online: Environmental protection also can take an examination of hig
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Draw near year old of end, on the report that submits in a lot of places, GDP grows quickly, but main contaminant decreases a target of 2% to fail to come true however. Below such setting, development of Jiangsu edge river carries out 3 years to come, not only economy strides a stride, and the information that environmental quality gets persistent ameliorative, let a person shine at the moment.

Jiangsu does not have congenital environmental advantage. Population density throughout the country is the biggest, bear of industry of unit land area is highest, the Jiangsu that these let developing quickly bore heavy environmental burden. Su Na a few places also once " black smoke of all over the sky, everywhere
Rubbish " , for economy development paid environmental price. Economic progress makes high component, common people is intended to exasperate environment however see. Be in new in process of development of river of round of edge, jiangsu holds to " environmental protection is first " , achieved progress good fast.

Jiangsu edge river is developed good fast, hint our environmental protection must be placed in a party to an undertaking desk. "Jiangsu environmental protection is project of a party to an undertaking " , this character not empty. Jiangsu puts forward " environmental protection 10 preferential " principle, the requirement implements the rigiddest environmental protection system in complete province, raise level of admittance doorsill, environmental protection not only, collect fees even blowdown had rise substantially. The environmental protection of each district city is first all the way green light, come from the attention of local a party to an undertaking likewise. City of model of national environmental protection is having strict index to test a system, 8 cities of edge river can obtain this special honour, mirrorred Jiangsu to be agreed with to the height of environmental protection.

Jiangsu edge river is developed good fast, for " the environment optimizes economy to develop " provided evidence. A lot of people think, economic progress cannot mediate with the contradiction of environmental protection, and the practice proof that edge river develops, reject to pollute a project to did not manacle the hands or feet of development not only, contrary, protective environment vacates precious environmental capacity to develop, drive an industry to upgrade, attract more capital, these optimized economic progress conversely.

Can say, jiangsu edge river develops good fast, reflective is an epitome of Jiangsu environmental protection, and Jiangsu environmental protection participates in decision-making reach from extreme, fight from an isolated force the experience of pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, it is the true portraiture that develops view change. Development is good sense, not plan the development of cost does not have a truth. Esteem is only natural, science develops, just be the road of the development that can last.
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