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Company of too heavy group is energy-saving seek by inquiry or search of the way
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On August 15, the reporter will create 200 many domestic and international the first, occupational the Taiyuan of overall market of home of crane of metallurgy of 3000 tons of above is heavy-duty and mechanical group limited company. Here, we get a clear result: Modern company should grow, be about to take seriously energy-saving decrease a platoon. How energy-saving decrease a platoon? Their practice is worth to draw lessons from ——
Method one: New technology new technology sings leading role
As a result of historical reason, too heavy those who form is big and whole management situation, what requiring the sources of energy and auxiliary data is to become a system oneself for the most part, produce oneself self-confessed, because demand is finite, realize hi-tech production impossibly, far the cost that produces than specializationing is high, content bad news is big, adopt so control pollution from fountainhead, structural adjustment of the sources of energy.
The most conspicuous is, 2005, will introduce a city again too gas mention the order of the day, bring into the plan project of enterprise technical reformation, through deploy of a year, receive at finishing cop second year in May, wait for city of unit try out in axle company above all gas. Through half an year much use case looks, industrial furnace kiln adds thermal efficiency to rise apparently, the product pledges the quantity promotes accordingly, and unit production cost is reduced further.
It is reported, the city gas recommend a company, produce in order to replace oneself gas, this action can improve the efficiency of equipment of heating furnace kiln on one hand, reduce manufacturing cost, on the other hand, can improve the quality of the product, eliminate produce oneself produce heat gas the pollution to the environment. Like the city gas gas source supplies stability, too heavy hopeful finishs each unit to introduce the work entirely in next year.
Innovate actively independently, exploring new technology, new technology also is the one big characteristic in the too heavy energy-saving process that decrease a platoon, the cost of the product, get the limitation of enough space from design phase, in production process, of all sorts of raw material and the sources of energy use up drop stage by stage. String 8
Going up century 889 time, too heavy use all the time produce acetylene to undertake metallic cut works oneself, pollution is heavier, cut quality is couldn't get assure, and cost is high. Acetylene is replaced to have cut to the metal with propane after, cut quality rises considerably, also eliminated original pollution, reduced use cost, year all reduce cost 1.5 million yuan.
Begin from 2001, too heavy have structural adjustment to casting a factory formerly, demolished original cast-iron furnace, original and cast-iron craft all instead solders craft, eliminated the pollution that original and cast-iron furnace causes thereby, improved the manufacturing efficiency of craft, reduced the manufacturing cost of of all kinds craft substantially.
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