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In aluminous company is energy-saving decrease a platoon to obtain major breakth
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New Year beginning, central enterprise - company of Chinese aluminous estate transmits a good news: By in the “ that aluminous company develops independently bakes tierce of aluminous electrobath ‘ searchs actor ’ to control technical ” to scored a success recently beforehand, this new technology and phase of conventional control technology are majorrer than obtaining breakthrough, can reduce specific power consumption considerably not only, and can reduce pair of atmosphere ozonosphere to have considerably destroy  
The discharge capacity of the gas of charcoal fluorine compound of action, will electroanalysis to China aluminous industry is energy-saving fall bad news decreases a platoon to produce main effect.      

In process of aluminous electrolytic production, temperature of electrolyte temperature, the brilliant at the beginning of electrolyte and degree of superheat (the control of ”) of abbreviation “ tierce is important core. Existing electrobath is main to the control of “ tierce ” by master artificially, it is better to should be obtained electroanalysis production target is more difficult. “ tierce searchs actor ” to control a technology is it is core with the computer, be controlled effectively and form an informatization, standardization what pass pair of “ tierce ” to produce administrative pattern. This new technology can ensure electrobath job is in effectively ” of efficient “ critical condition, improve the voltaic efficiency of aluminous electrobath thereby, reduce effect coefficient, rise large bake beforehand the energy utilization rate of groovy refine aluminium, can reduce specific power consumption substantially not only, and the discharge capacity of the gas of charcoal fluorine compound that can make electrobath arises is reduced, have major effect to zoology environmental protection.      

New since in controlling a technology to be in from April 2007, aluminous Guangxi branch has industrialization application, realized a standard to quantify management, voltaic efficiency rises 2% , electroanalysis on average temperature drops 10 ℃ , ton aluminous power consumption, positive pole is used up and fluorine changes aluminium to use up reach emit into harmful gas has atmospheric to drop significantly, gained remarkable economic benefits and social benefit, came true to electroanalysis the qualitative leap that produces technical management to go up.       String 9

It is reported, in the comprehensive promotion application that aluminous company will seek actor ” to control a technology with “ tierce is breach, increase in energy-saving the strength of research and development that reduces a platoon to go up and funds are devoted, to 2010, strive to realize former aluminous integrated specific power consumption under 14300kWh/t, ton above of 250kWh of aluminous section report; Fluorine changes salt to use up reduce 4 kilograms again; Groovy life achieves 1900 days of above; Zincous effect coefficient falls / groovy day is the following, useless chamfer line is executed basically harmless change processing. The implementation of this one target, will indicate China electroanalysises aluminous production technology enters world banner range.      
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