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Farming company of 5 division heating power is energy-saving decrease a platoon
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The author is in farming when 5 division are interviewed, see, water blue sky greens jade here, air is fresh, the environment is delightful. As we have learned, high grade air quality originates farming the energy-saving practice decreasing a platoon that company of 5 division heating power has.

The 2nd heat source of company of this division heating power stands is farming 5 division division headquarters centers one of heat addition units. Since 2007, this company is carried out energetically energy-saving decrease a platoon, circulate in development economy and energy-saving fall on bad news old write an essay. This company falls through transforming economizer grey canal, charge of resource of annual and managing groundwater 20 thousand Yu Yuan, artificial charge more than yuan 30 thousand; Install water injection system through giving area transporting coal, reduced the dust pollution to the environment already, raised the combustion cost of fuel again. String 9

The soot that boiler combustion produces is the biggest pollution source. By 2007, company investment was installed more than yuan 90 to boiler statified to coal implement, promoted the sufficient combustion of coal, reduced loss of the sources of energy, improved boiler efficiency. Later, the company invests 200 thousand yuan to be added on boiler dust catcher again installed soot to monitor appearance, undertake to two boiler with accurate instrument soot discharges data to monitor, accomplished control and reduce the pollution of boiler flue gas to the environment. String 6

This company often still accepts employee in energy-saving it is the nice train of thought of bad news, good to fall drop. These two years, when the summer is overhauled, this company staff abstains chain peg and bearing roller of the machine that divide broken bits, two in all managing capital 1 . 30 thousand yuan, stand for the 2nd heat source energy-saving the wisdom that decreased a platoon to contribute an individual. (Feng be good at Lin Li)

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