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Company of production of hot law phosphoric acid is energy-saving decrease a pla
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33 of 18 enterprises of our country cover productivity to amount to 1.47 million tons hot law phosphoric acid to produce device, used to use yellow phosphorus of combustion of common and natural air to produce steam to heat up law phosphoric acid to manufacture new technology at present, the energy-saving effect that decrease a platoon is outstanding.

This the name is “ efficient use reaction to heat up deputy produce industrial steam to heat up law phosphoric acid to produce last a period of time of technical ” research and development 12 years, by Yunnan academy of province chemical industry is chaired finish, the unit such as Tsinghua university is participated in, it is not to need to use yellow phosphorus of dry air combustion to come “ deputy produce ” industry steam to heat up new technology of law phosphoric acid, the crucial equipment of this one new technology reacts to have chemical industry with hot project boiler the special type of two kinds of functions lights phosphorous tower.

Use conventional technology to produce hot law phosphoric acid, the heat energy that place of yellow phosphorus combustion produces is used hard, and the frit phosphor in producing a system, equipment that offer phosphor and cop needs to install heat preservation of heat addition of coal fired boiler additionally again related its, form the combustion heat energy that manufacturing system needs exterior supply quantity of heat and oneself produces to cannot use the unreasonable appearance that is wasted.

Yunnan saves Mei Yi of chemical academy dean to introduce, with the traditional phosphoric acid that heat up a law manufacturing technology is compared, this new technology realized heat energy to reclaim with use, heat energy reclaims rate amount to 65. 2 % , reduce circular cooling water at the same time 60 % , reduce circular acid to measure 50 % , build coequal dimensions to produce device to reduce investment 20 % , the productivity after original convention produces device to transform raises 30 % .

At present this one new technology already realized an industry large-scale promotion and application, inc. of chemical industry of phosphor of settleclear star of Inc. of group of group of industry of Yunnan horse dragon, the phosphor austral Yunnan, river shade, Hubei promotes hair group Inc. , Chongqing plain east chemical industry (group) there is larger force inside the industry such as limited company appear on the market company and well-known company use this, occupy the whole nation to heat up the 39 % of total productivity of law phosphoric acid. Come 3 years, the project that uses go into operation of this one new technology increases production value newly 12. 3.8 billion yuan, increase profit tax newly 2. 4.5 billion yuan, managing defray 1 . 2.5 billion yuan, at the same time coal of standard of amount to of annual and managing specific power consumption amounts to 340 thousand tons, section water 7.67 million stere, section report 14.08 million kilowatt hour, and year reduce carbon dioxide discharge capacity 850 thousand tons, reduce coal fired discharge capacity of 2 oxidation sulfur 1 . With solid litter broken bits is measured 60 thousand tons 18. 30 thousand tons.
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