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5 companies of green Pi are energy-saving decrease a platoon to see actual effec
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Beer of before 5 months produces integrated specific power consumption to drop 16%

5 companies of green Pi are energy-saving decrease a platoon to see actual effect string 7

Since this year, be located in the Qingdao beer group with a mountainous area Lao the 5th company carries out “ actively energy-saving decrease a platoon, science develops ” strategy, 1-5 month beer produces integrated specific power consumption this year by last year 106 kilograms of the corresponding period / kiloliter wine drops 89.29 kilograms / kiloliter wine, drop 16% , energy-saving decrease a platoon to obtain delectable result.

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This company is signed with departmental door at the beginning of this year contract when responsibility book, refined energy-saving the assessment quota that reduces a platoon, encourage and support departmental door to undertake energy-saving the technical reformation that decreases a platoon. Company production ministry and engineering department use company rain corrupt the pipeline that billabong transforms excavate, science designs pipeline trend and valve control, increase water meter metric network, use safe and energy-saving advanced material PPR extensively to provide material. Transform after finishing, implementation everyday section water is controlled 350 tons, water caustic rate is 2% the left and right sides, achieve national division water enterprise to be less than 5% standards, year section water value four hundred and seventy-two thousand seven hundred yuan. This year April, these two branches carry out “ coal actively still to try cook ” plan, fix the reasonable price that enter coal, improve the quality entering coal of the supplier ceaselessly, the coal that used May, ton steam cost is reduced than January 23% , the contaminant such as 2 oxidation sulfur compared to the same period every kiloliter wine decreases 35% . String 4

This year 1-5 month, this company still invests many yuan 200, wait to charter flight of the refrigeration pneumatics system, boiler system, model that pack undertake transforming, what realize resource further is effective and managing decrease a quantity to discharge with contaminant. Among them, investment transforms wind pressure 290 thousand yuan pipeline and change after machine of a 20 cubic pneumatics, bad news report is daily reduce about 1500 kilowatt hour; Investment changes 520 thousand yuan after two refrigeration compressor, bad news report is daily reduce about 1000 kilowatt hour; Investment is opposite 750 thousand yuan pack 36 thousand bottles / after form a complete set of hour model charter flight is transformed, efficiency rises 10% , report of kiloliter wine bad news reduces about 3 kilowatt hour, year section report can amount to 600 thousand kilowatt hour; After investing intake air heater of 200 thousand yuan of pair of boiler economizer, air, beat to bring wind and automation system to undertake transforming, thermal efficiency rises 5% , coal of mark of bad news of every kiloliter wine reduces about 5 kilograms, year section coal can amount to 900 tons. At present this company is controlling systematic group to study brew beyond heat reclaims with automation of Er of Huo Ni Wei, brew carbon dioxide reclaims, refrigeration is transformed and the marsh gas that sewage produces collects the project such as combustion, once these projects are carried out, will reduce greenhouse gas to discharge greatly, managing the sources of energy, fall low consumption. String 6
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