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Assist fencing power plant: Energy-saving reduce a cable length of industry of e
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Fly ash make it brick, desulphurization gesso became cement delay to coagulate agent, circular cooling water is used to generate electricity, pisciculture, in recent years, hubei assist fencing power plant circulates around the energy-saving development that decrease a platoon economy, form chain of circular economy industry, year achieve integrated beneficial result many yuan 50.

Installed capacity the assist fencing power plant of 2.4 million kilowatt, it is Hubei visits the igneous power plant with bigger installed capacity. Fly ash, desulphurization gesso and loop are cold

Liu Chuanzhong of workshop controller, engineer says, this product line year the design produces block of aerocrete of 100 thousand stere and brick of 50 million mark, make utilization rate of power plant fly ash achieves 70 % above, year reduce transport costs many yuan 1700, reduce grey field to use the land nearly 500 mus, direct economic benefits more than yuan 200, zoology and social benefit are inestimable. String 6

The reporter sees in power plant plant area, power plant of this large ammunition is built have a small-sized hydroelectric station. In the power plant exit of circular cooling water is surrounded removed an urine dam, be guided ceaselessly by in a steady stream by the cooling water of eduction of group of igneous electric machinery aircrew of water and electricity, outfit aircraft total capacity the hydroelectric station of 2400 kilowatt busy. String 7

Lei Tiping of power station controller tells a reporter, when assisting full load of fencing power plant works, need many tons 500 loop cooling water everyday, water of environment of its water lukewarm prep above is warm after refrigeration is finished 8 - 10 Celsius, emited into Hanjiang directly before, wasted heat energy for nothing not only, and caused certain hot pollution to Hanjiang. Now, through building tail water power station, these cooling water but year generate electricity 17 million kilowatt hour, realized the recycle of resource, produce direct economic benefits many yuan 600. Additional, through Wen Shui pisciculture is mixed grow vegetable, develop efficient agriculture, the power plant can produce per year unripe direct economic benefits again many yuan 200, drive circumjacent farmer to add close and obtain employment, with one action is much. String 6

Assist Zhang Shouwu of chief engineer of fencing power plant says, this year in June, this factory invests again 200 million multivariate, start working construction produces per year delay of cement of gesso of 150 thousand tons of to decoke to coagulate agent product line, after building will decrease a 2 oxidation sulfur every year 3. Many tons 40 thousand, the soot that decrease a platoon many tons 680, make a power plant implementation is energy-saving the cable length of industry of economy of another important loop that reduces recycle of platoon, resource. String 4
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