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Factory of type of garden of urban rocket rising abruptly: Plant of cement of ar
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Air is clean, green grass is like mattress, the plant of cement of Inc. of Ge Zhou dam that is located in Hubei to visit area of chaste tree retail sales, pass in recent years begin energy-saving decrease a platoon, the factory allows factory appearance to look brand-new, just like plant of city of type of a garden, economic benefits and social benefit implementation double win.

Plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam is base of our country's biggest production of special type cement, share 5 kiln coming back, year productivity cement of 3.5 million tons of high grade high grade, it is large family of a specific power consumption. String 6

Be in plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam end of 5 kiln kiln, the reporter just approached, feel suddenly attack head on a heat wave. Yang Dan of section chief of cement plant technical divisions tells a reporter, normally the circumstance falls, the temperature inside the kiln when kiln coming back is produced is as high as 1, 400 much Celsius, there also is 300 outside kiln - 400 Celsius. Since last year, through be opposite kiln end intake air heater undertakes energy-saving transform, lengthen stock to be in the retention period that decomposes furnace, raise raw material decompose rate, make temperature of warm-up of end of 5 kiln kiln controlled control in 320 Celsius, apparent under international normally 340 Celsius of the standard, achieve international advanced level. Only this one, came true to lower target of ton of clinker coal consumption not only, reduce tail gas discharge capacity, and raised yield considerably, make crop of 5 kiln grog increases 2900 tons 2500 tons by day design, the yield of 3 kiln grog that transforms at the same time rises 2400 tons 2000 tons by day design. String 9

One workshop is made in cement plant, 3 diameters are 27 meters beforehand powdery cement grinds what use so is report collects dust implement, the dust that tail gas produces discharges atmosphere directly in great quantities in, pollute an environment. 2006, this factory is right beforehand pink grinds a system to undertake energy-saving transform, receive report dirt implement instead bag collects dust implement, make not only power consumption by every tons 40 degrees of report fall for 27 degrees of report, crop by raise 46 tons 26 tons hourly, and filter through tail gas, the stability that realized dust amounts to mark to discharge.

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The string of kiln end intake air heater that the course transforms 3

Yang Dan says, in recent years, plant of cement of arrowroot continent dam throws many yuan 2000 every year, undertaking to 5 kiln raw material enters dehydrate of end of system of put in storage of kiln system, raw material, kiln early or late is all, cement carries system and fan, electric machinery to wait undertook a series of energy-saving transform, among them 1, 2 kiln year managing raw coal many tons 20 thousand, 3, 4, 5 kiln are managing charge of electricity many yuan 400. 2006, entire plant uses up mark coal in all three hundred and sixty-three thousand four hundred tons, make an appointment with than going up one year to reduce 9% . According to the “ that signs with Hubei province government 915 ” are energy-saving target of coal of 75 thousand tons of mark, to this year in May, this factory already was finished ahead of schedule all and energy-saving transform project task.
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