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Plant of male cigarette of Hunan of red tower group is energy-saving decrease a
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Nicotian and online report according to red tower website plant of male cigarette of Hunan of red tower group is serious 2007 executive group is energy-saving the each job demand that reduces a platoon, hold to fountainhead control and put a quantity to dig go, key punish and boost photograph tie in the round, cogent promotion the sources of energy is used efficiency and reduce contaminative source to discharge, effect sees at the beginning of energy-saving job.

To do the very energy-saving work that decrease a platoon, the group of the energy-saving leader that decrease a platoon that plant of Hunan male cigarette established to be a group leader with the factory director and the energy-saving office that decrease a platoon, making " the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon implements plan " while, through beginning the energy-saving propaganda decreasing a platoon of a variety of forms, make consciousness of energy-saving, environmental protection, clean production enhances worker of entire plant cadre apparently, energy-saving work has been done from the a bit in routine.

Reach real point to ensure the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon falls, basically took the following step:

It is to pass perfect production process, equipment to move, high cost can the construction of system of the energy-saving regulations that decrease a platoon that the respect such as link attachs most importance to a dot, the crucial performance index that “ cigarette sheet box standard cost leads equipment of ” of safety of ” , “ , environment management, “ to manage ” to regard performance as assessment;

2 it is to hold to the energy-saving fountainhead that decrease a platoon to control the job, cogent carry out easy ground to remove ability revises project and project of investment of other fixed assets energy-saving evaluate and examine and approve a system, undertake company capital construction and technical reformation early days are proved strictly, build the omnibus evaluation system that gives priority to with objective specific power consumption;

3 it is the energy-saving work decreasing a platoon that does good production segment, optimize manufacturing government technological process ceaselessly, realize optimal facility status and best production mode to be united in wedlock effectively, make the sources of energy, stock is used up get be controllinged effectively; String 3

4 it is to advance progress of the energy-saving technology that decrease a platoon ceaselessly, firm catchs the processing of place of key link, key to transform.

Work through beginning above, plant of Chu Xiong cigarette realized integrated specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of production value last year coal of 28.7 kilogram mark, than going up year drop 10.20% , 10 thousand yuan raise a cost integrated specific power consumption coal of 37.25 kilogram mark, than going up year drop 12.11% ; Contaminative source discharges all up to mark.
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