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The company is energy-saving decrease a platoon to use " real action "
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In recent years, the company establishs scientific progress concept, take a variety of step, solid advance energy-saving decrease a platoon to fall bad news works, energy-saving the breach stress that reduces a platoon to rectify economy of economic structure, change to grow way as tone will catch, obtained apparent effect.

The company undertakes analytic investigating with water to production, administer integratedly. Hot-working working procedure once was the large family using water of the company, wasteful water phenomenon is heavier. The company invests early or late undertake technical reformation, replace water to cool, reduced production to use water substantially, the project executes water of section of the year after next 196 thousand much stere, reduce useless oil to discharge many tons 10. String 3

Company winter warms oneself adopt pyroelectricity couplet to offer way, couplet of former pyroelectricity of hot power station used partial beyond to heat up only for the system, the others is major more than heat passes cooling tower be lost by condenser. For this, the company is new increased an air pump group and generation set, make heated up heat of power station beyond to get making full use of, the coal that lose bid many tons 5700, reduce 2 oxidation sulfur discharge many tons about 180, reduce waste residue to discharge many tons about 1700. String 4

Be updated ceaselessly as what produce equipment and progress, device of electron of high-power electric power, transducer, induction heats reach a large number of application such as control equipment, will increase electric energy loss. For this, the company is about to undertake transforming to power system, replace transformer of vintage oil dip, use technology of advanced division cable and device of new-style section report at the same time, achieve the goal of managing electric energy. String 2

In the process of enterprise of new and high technical reformation, company constantly with energy-saving decrease a platoon to be oneself, accomplish market development, product development, technology development to be the same as resource conservation, reduce environmental pollution and employee quality to raise synchronism to undertake, carried out a series of energy-saving priority discipline that decrease a platoon, what increase the energy-saving technical reformation that decrease a platoon and technical innovation ceaselessly is devoted, achieved enterprise and progress of environmental harmony synchronism. String 5