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Chemical plant of golden plain group closes to with technical innovation energy-
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In recent years, chemical plant of golden plain group administers progress of support science and technology, executive environment, advance energy-saving fall bad news technical reformation project, raise standard of equipment of technology of the energy-saving work that decrease a platoon to regard working exert oneself as the dot, throw a large number of manpower, material resources, financial capacity, the technology that develops liquid waste of vitriolic system acidity to be used integratedly considers to reach experiment application, obtained apparent effect.

Flue gas of chemical plant of golden plain group makes acerbity system is the environmental protection project with form a complete set of system of group company smelt, output of vitriolic 2007 product already achieved 1.3 million tons. Second half of the year will form 6 systems that make acid after put into production of 700 thousand tons of vitriolic systems this year, form 2 million tons of productivity finally, become flue gas of the world's the biggest, most complex integrated configuration sex to make acid produce a business. City of prosperous of company seat gold is located in western inland, drought little rain, water natural resources very deficient. Because water natural resources is used up when vitriolic system production, produce many acidity water at the same time, do not have good processing method all the time in the industry, of acidity water discharge pair of finite environment capacities to constitute great pressure.

Since 2000, company of golden plain group is guidance with scientific progress view, hard the circular economy concept that contaminant of carry out travel decreases platoon and resource recycle, the chemical plant requirement according to the company, use integratedly around acidity water natural resources reach vitriolic system to decreased a processing to begin much work, pass test of research argumentation of a few years, spot, development went to have Promethean, with 0 discharge the smelt flue gas that is a target to make water of acerbity system acidity administer a technology. This technology purifies craft through improving, loop of implementation rare acid, thick acid is answered with, and the development that water of acidity of two paragraphs of type takes off gas tower and application, without counteract acidity water to take off slimy craft, without counteract acidity Shui Zhongrong to solve metallic ion to reclaim craft, mud doing changes craft to wait for patent technology, broke through milk of lime to counteract a law to handle the traditional method of vitriolic sewage, realized acidity water successfully to decrease a recycle, solved smelt flue gas to make the issue of environmental protection bottleneck of acerbity further progress, promoted smelt flue gas to make the integral standard of acerbity technology, in dirt sludge can reclaiming in the meantime, reach deliquescent the metal having price in solution, discharge without waste residue, eliminated pollution 2 times, have remarkable environmental beneficial result, the processing of acidity to course of study of person of the same trade water answers appliance to have demonstrative guidance sense. At the beginning of this year, the ” of technology of the recycle that decrease a platoon that the flue gas of “ nickel smelt that chemical plant of golden plain group finishs independently makes acerbity acidity liquid waste has the honor to win first prize of progress of science and technology of national coloured industry, this is this factory obtains this two years continuously large award. Additional, the test of craft of the recycle that decrease a platoon that cupreous smelt flue gas makes acerbity acidity liquid waste is in this factory insecurity is begun. String 2
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