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Yi Li is especially industrial Inc. wine 2 factories are energy-saving the on-th
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Manufacturing cleanness haggles over every ounce with water employee

The secondary standard that we ask according to clean production technology this year decided “ water of ton of wine bad news 20 target, set limit to uses manufacturing cleanness to use water, decide every according to producing weak busy season everyday water consumption. After controlling measure accordingly through adopting, ton underwater of wine bad news falls two. ”
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Of Chu Qiu hotly not disappear, because produce beautiful wine of ” of “ Yi Li spy,the author was walked into on August 15 and enjoy high reputation Yiliteshi 2 factories of wine of Inc. of course of study, li Jiang of this factory assistant factory director tells the author.
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“ summer is in 7 every classes with water control everyday in, section award exceeds punish. Major team and group is in actually with water 5 - 6, specific team and group has appearance exceeding bid, before system of executive section water, personnel of ab extra construction carries 9 pails of water to maintain to brew labour room ground level ground, monitor won't utter a sound or word, if other team and group comes round,want water now, employee should haggle over every ounce, be afraid of exceed bid with water. ”
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Establish in employee managing the consciousness that uses water, it is Yiliteshi 2 factories carry out wine of Inc. of course of study energy-saving decrease a platoon, found resource managing model an epitome of the enterprise.
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’ of “‘ environmental protection is a of our country basic national policy, specific reach an industry, it is complete an energy-saving, science and technology fall bad news, loop is used, let ’ of tiger of ‘ of specific power consumption be on a diet thin body. Mixed 2007 my factory accumulative total is managing first half of the year this year capital 2.723 million yuan of RMBs. Tu Qingfeng of 2 factories secretary says ” wine. String 2

Understand family property accumulated over a long time complete member participate in
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Yi Li is especially industrial Inc. wine 2 factories are this company factory prior is built to distinguish one of workses in 4 wineries, built go into operation 1988, partial soda water is in charge of path ageing. From 2007 the bottom begins, professional of this factory organization is used to the enterprise can, undertake survey with water and blowdown state, understand ” of “ family property accumulated over a long time. According to findings, establish “ is administered after management first, water of energy-saving, section, decrease a platoon to develop simultaneously the working train of thought of ” .
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