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Dynamo of the biggest tide will throw the whole world use
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Our newspaper is integrated the message reported recently according to western media, this week will greet England the arrival of hour of a history, one contains the whole world the power plant of turbine of the biggest tide is about to throw operation. This power plant is located in the maritime space of bay of heart of Si Telan blessing of Northern Ireland, this giant the electricenergy production of tide turbine amounts to 1.2 million tile, it is the turbine of a tide with whole world the at present largest scale, electricenergy production exceeds any tide turbine 4 times. It will use one of bay with the rapiddest flow of whole world tide the natural advantage of bay of heart of Si Telan blessing, satisfy the requirement using phone of 1140 around dwellers.

On March 22, this is as high as 36 meters (122 feet) “ colossus ” already stand erect is in the sea, as the windmill of a convert. And the company of ocean current turbine that is in charge of this project (MarineCur-rentTurbines, MCT) ever announced before this, they are the furnish jobs that carry out tide turbine with the flatboat ship that has crane. Notable is, this tide turbine develops a success by company of turbine of ocean current of —— of this small company, but because investment is real the cost of operation is high, because this England government brings into his “ seawater to generate electricity,plan the one share of ” , those who assumed power plant create the job. According to the plan, be in next week before formal operation, braun and French president Sakeqi will sign British premier above all an agreement, popularize this kind of equipment and technology to the whole world jointly. String 3

According to statistic, because England is an island nation, complete England has 40 many areas to had been included the place that suits tide to generate electricity most, accordingly, this one equipment was driven but the development of second birth the sources of energy, get of industry expert reputably. Accordingly, this kind generate electricity newly manner is completely probable become afterwards solar energy to generate electricity, wind-force generates electricity, after waterpower and fuel generate electricity, the 5th kind of England generates electricity form.

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Although England has the best ocean on the world,generate electricity resource, but the development that this kind of new-style the sources of energy is in this area is however one 3 fold. Going up early century 80 time, british energy department offerred the plan that a tide generates electricity, but be generated electricity finally to plan to beat by nuclear energy however. 1992, a report of the government says, “ generates electricity public spending flower in tide going up is the ” that does not have any foreground. 2003, british government white paper still eliminates this one new pattern to be besides consideration limits. Till a year before, england " independent newspaper " reported British cabinet holds the meeting solely, discuss how to generate electricity tide fall to real point, subsequently Braun expresses publicly also, the government is undertaking the feasibility of this project studies. String 8
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