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10 years Chinese energy demand and consumption forecast future - energy-saving t
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Fundamental condition evaluates ① China the sources of energy
The first, Natural resources of energy of average per capita is relatively insufficient, resource quality is poorer. The total reserve of natural resources of our country groovy energy with respect to its absolute magnitude character, it is relatively rich. Natural resources of the 3rd coal of countrywide evaluated 1997: Gross of natural resources of the 2000 coal inside rice 5.57 trillion tons, 1000 meters inside 2.86 trillion tons, ascertain reserves (A B C) 604.4 billion tons, recoverable reserves 114.5 billion tons; In coal reserves: Soft coal is occupied 75% , anthracitic 12% , lignite 13% ; Press utility classification: Dynamical coal is 83% , coking plant builds the raw material coal such as gas for 17% . Resource of the 2nd oil gas of countrywide was evaluated 1993, capacity of oil total natural resources is 94 billion tons, capacity of natural gas total natural resources is 38 trillion establish rice, the expert forecasts can collect resource amount: Oil is 130-150 100 million tons, natural gas 7-10 -727379968 establish rice. Coal-bed is angry: 2000 resource is calculated to measure 30-35 inside rice -727379968 establish rice. Water can reserves is 676 million kilowatt, can develop a quantity to be 379 million kilowatt. New energy resources and but second birth the sources of energy: Global radiation of for many years of surface of land of solar energy 2/3 is measured more than 600 thousand anxious / square centimeter, wind energy resource measures estimation to be 253 billion tile, ground heat energy already ascertain recoverable reserves coal of 462.7 billion tons of mark, biology can: Bavin firewood straw is coal of 300 million tons of mark, the firedamp raw material such as animal excrement and urine is 2.5 billion tons; Marine can resource theory reserves 630 million kilowatt, tide can can develop resource to measure 21.8 billion tile, can academic resource measures wave 12.9 billion tile, can academic resource measures trend 14 billion tile, difference in temperature can one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two tile of 13.2-14.8. However, because our country population is numerous, with respect to recoverable reserves character, 1/2 what natural resources of energy of average per capita has a quantity to be equivalent to world average level only. About expert estimation, if press current exploitation level, the coal natural resources of natural resources of our country oil and the eastpart part will be in extinct 2030, the development of hydrodlectric resources also will be achieved extremely border. With respect to quality character, natural resources of our country energy is given priority to with coal, the calorific value by all sorts of fuel is calculated, below current ascertain reserve, in world energy natural resources, the scale of fuel of solid fuel and fluid, gas is 4: 1, and our country lags behind at this one ratio far. Current, in world energy output, place of energy resources of the fluid of high quality, gas holds proportion for 60.8% , and our country is only 19.1% .
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