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The current situation of specific power consumption of Chinese iron and steel in
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Steely industry is the fundamental sex industry of our country, equipment of our country steely industry and technical innovation allow to weigh and the path is far. What the discretion of level of science and technology matters to comprehensive national power of a state directly is strong weak. Be in our country, level of science and technology is inferior it is economic developing all the time a the biggest obstacle, steely industry is same not exceptional also. Among them, technical equipment lags behind is the issue of the oldest structure that Chinese iron and steel industry exists at present. In last few years, although the technical equipment standard of our country steely enterprise gets bigger rise, but compare with developed country photograph, still put in very big difference. In steely exit product, the raw product proportion of our country is as high as 60% , and the specific gravity our country of advanced product has 20% only, occupy the United States only 30% , of Japan 27% , 26% of Korea. And, the proportion of product of high additional cost is only 3% , the difference with the developed country is farther. Press productivity statistic, the equipment that our country has competitive capacity is occupied about 50% , need is transformed and the others falls into disuse. Be in large and medium-sized in steely enterprise, the productivity that there are 25 million tons about in puddling blast furnace is backward. In steel rolling equipment, the facility that has level of international advanced technique is less than 50% , fall into disuse already on international answer the equipment such as 2 serious chance still is being used. Current, our country achieves international on integral equipment the large company of advanced level has Bao Gang and company of Tianjin steel tube only, produce per year steel capacity to be a ton about, occupy countrywide steel total output to be less than 10% . At present volume of our country steely crop, consumption, only export and iron ore import a quantity to all reside the world the first, 2004, crop of Chinese cast iron is 251 million T, steel output is 272 million T, rolled steel crop is 297 million T, coke crop is 209 million T. Last year (2005) , ironworks of treasure steel branch finishs the goal of production such as mine of molten iron, agglomeration, coke in the round, produce molten iron in all among them thirteen million and eleven thousand eight hundred tons, coke 5.354 million tons, all achieve the history best level. Talk with steel output only, steel output of China should measure house world than producing steel the 2nd, the 3rd, the crop the sum of the 4th country is even much, occupy the 26.31 % of world steel total output; Coke crop occupies the 50 % above of world total output, its commerce measures the 60 % that take amount of world coke commerce. Because China is steely product yield is high, the gross of the sources of energy that also caused place of Chinese iron and steel industry to use up is very big. According to statistic, chinese iron and steel industry used up coal of standard of 274 million T 2003, occupy the 16.3 % of wastage of countrywide the sources of energy, wastage is next to power industry. Xun Zi of ideologist of Chinese ancient time puts forward before 2000, "Strong this and husband, criterion day cannot deficient " , and of reserves of our country resource this not strong, if be absent kongfu of reasonable use fluctuation, ignore nature, not plan cost, do not collect for mine of future, drain the pond to get all the fish, exhaust, with respect to natural resources of very can fast extinct country, and the pressure that can increase global resource to furnish. (4 big steely companies of China, Wuhan is steely (group) the kind that joint-stock company of company of group of Sha Gang of Inc. of iron and steel of hill of company, saddle, Jiangsu and Tang Shan iron and steel carries joint-stock company is obtained need and need the Jimble of develop relet, Bar iron ore mine the equity of 40% . Value of this joint-stock agreement 9 billion dollar, by a definite date 25 years. The inadequacy that the iron ore that our country already weighed gold to buy Australia will come to satisfy resource to furnish) . The current situation of specific power consumption of our country iron and steel industry is enterprise of key iron and steel ton steel can compare international than specific power consumption advanced level differs 9.81 % . 2004, company of iron and steel of our country key is average integrated specific power consumption is ton of steel 705kgce / T; And 2000, industrial developed country ton steel can be United States of 642kgce / T (than average of specific power consumption 663, Japan 620, germany 602, French 683) . 2 it is amplitude of specific power consumption of iron and steel industry makes an appointment with 5 % under steel output amplitude. Because iron and steel industry uses advanced and energy-saving engineering technology and equipment actively, while steel output high speed grows, the amplitude that wastes the sources of energy the amplitude under steel output. (Detailed sees watch 1) expresses 1 key circumstance of output of steely business steel, specific power consumption
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