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Japan: Energy-saving not only the strategic goal that is a country, it is a kind
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Be in Japan, energy-saving the strategic goal that is a country, energy-saving it is a kind of action more, one kind pervades real operation of the society.

The classics that the reporter is in charge of energy-saving job recently produces hall of province the sources of energy to interview, discover most office does not leave air conditioning, use fanner however. Some are dim in corridor, because used inductive type illume, the person goes lamp extinguish. Personage of hall of the sources of energy says: "We are in charge of energy-saving job of the whole nation, should be the first so energy-saving. " introduce according to this personage, the government sector is begun " energy-saving outfit " activity, although place is managing electric power is not much, but very big however to social influence. In the government sector set an example to fall with the appeal, already 30% much businesses are answered now " energy-saving outfit " activity, reduce use air conditioning, whole last year society makes through section report carbon dioxide is discharged reduce 500 thousand tons.

Latter, energy-saving activity of folk has arrived by the dot face, from onefold family energy-saving enlarge area energy-saving. Below governmental support, a few places held water " energy-saving activity advances consultation " , this organization is represented by local government official, energy-saving expert, dweller and industry public figure is comprised, the task is to study the energy-saving target that makes a region is mixed executive plan, make energy-saving efficiency exceeds area the efficiency of individual unit and family. "Consultation " often open is energy-saving lecture, develop energy-saving activity, if build " the day that do not have a car " , the date in the regulation is all disuse car; Extinguish the lamp on the building to act the role of jointly; Promotion uses wind energy, solar energy to wait for natural and clean electric power.

"Consultation " still expedite " energy-saving political instructor " , enter a family to undertake energy-saving guidance. These have professional knowledge " political instructor " the sources of energy that can discover domesticity is medium very quickly is wasteful, offer energy-saving proposal then. This kind of activity is a family not only managing the sources of energy, and saved many charge of electricity for the dweller, consequently deeply welcome.

Mix as energy-saving socialization specialization, emerge as the times require of company of a batch of energy-saving services, make new industry gradually. According to statistic, at present Japanese whole nation is in book energy-saving service company amounts to many 80, turnover makes an appointment with 40 billion yen. Now, energy-saving service line of business grows every year with the speed of 30% , to 2010, predicting market dimensions will be amounted to 150 billion, 180 billion yen.
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