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Construction industry is energy-saving decrease a platoon: Meet green architectu
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Bldg. is the principal property that matters to the national economy and the people's livelihood, so world each country takes seriously very much. Be in our country, the development momentum of bldg. is very powerful. Statistical number showed 2002, countrywide urban and rural residence builds investment to amount to nine hundred and forty billion seven hundred and ten million yuan, 21.8% what hold investment of whole society fixed assets, 9.2% what occupy GDP. Our country is annual of all kinds building makes an appointment with complete 2 billion square metre. Up to now till, already had building gross area 400 much square metre. Predict to still will add 300 much square metre newly 2020. The swift and violent development of bldg. , effectively urged city and construction of new rural area, go up too for common people the life that live and work in peace and contentment produced tremendous effect. But, bldg. basically runs with traditional pattern, also brought the issue that nots allow to ignore, what create resource, the sources of energy namely then is excessive use up and the serious pollution to the environment.

What say resource first is excessive use up. Annual the proportion that the wastage of housing data holds countrywide total wastage, rolled steel, lumber, cement is respectively 25% , 40% with 70% . Produce building materials every year, want 5 billion tons to drain all sorts of mineral products resource. What the building uses wall body data, sincere clay brick has larger proportion. And every produce brick of 100 million clay, be about to use clay of 200 thousand stere. The whole nation produces per year brick of about 700 billion clay, year use up clay to be as high as 1.4 billion stere. Extract as a result of excessive of ground of year in year out and use up, land natural resources reduces about 7.5 million mus every year. What say the sources of energy again is excessive use up, phase of manufacturing building materials can waste much the sources of energy, and built structure has 95% about is not to have energy-saving function. Cause building specific power consumption to occupy the 30% above of whole society total specific power consumption thereby. If such resigned going down, to 2020, build the 3 times above that specific power consumption will be now. The 3 pollution that say the building causes. Build the rubbish of a generation to occupy urban rubbish gross 40% the left and right sides, annual only the building waste residue that construction construction produces has 40 million tons. Additional, manufacturing building materials also meets a large number of discharging. If every produce 1 ton of concrete,clinker should discharge sulfur of 0.74 kilograms of 1 ton of carbon dioxide, 2 oxidation and 130 kilograms of dust. Produce 1 ton of lime to want to discharge 1118 tons of carbon dioxide. String 9

Above explains, bldg. had become the large family that resource, the sources of energy is used up and pollutes an environment, if do not take strong step,rapid change develops way, consequence will be unimaginable. Change develops way, specific say even if produce green building materials, build green structure. Alleged green building materials is discharged aborning low consumption, less namely, after be being used at the building can energy-saving building materials. The product line that if limited company proper motion develops course of study of model of Shanghai new sign to use 100% epispastic polystyrene to reclaim,expects, manufacturing XPS (the polystyrene that squeeze model) wall body warming plate, turned ” of “ white pollution into energy-saving building materials. Green building materials includes many second birth building materials, once second birth building materials gets be usinged extensively, will produce obvious economic benefits and social beneficial result. Only this one, shanghai is annual but managing litter deals with expend 100 million yuan of above; Reduce cement dosage 3 million tons; Reduce cost of material 600 million yuan; Integrated and energy-saving latent capacity can amount to coal of seven hundred and forty-seven thousand eight hundred tons of standards / year, be equivalent to decreasing discharge carbon dioxide 1.99 million tons, 2 oxidation sulfur 4600 tons, soot 1900 tons. Alleged green building is can many resource conservation, the sources of energy, make full use of renewable resources, the sources of energy, as friendly as circumjacent environment, harmonious coexist, allow person health, comfortable construction. If Shanghai builds scientific academy,office building of building environment experiment is demonstrative floor of building of a green. Integrated specific power consumption is this building congener architectural 1/4, 20% what utilization rate of second birth energy occupies a building to use specific power consumption, renewable resources utilization rate is achieved 60% . Indoor and integrated environment reached healthy, comfortable target. Be like government of Yang Pu district and cooperation of Xi Menzi company again, will make communal Lou Yu of “ green ” and space of business affairs floor with all one's strength. If use advanced double deck glass, use up in order to reduce winter energy and reduce summertime refrigeration size; Using section water is all is mixed current the most advanced electric equipment; Introduce glacial labor cold system to reduce nightly specific power consumption with utmost, etc.
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