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Green water green hill takes province of smiling face Jilin to push the energy-s
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Want golden hill silver-colored hill already, want green water green hill again; Want to do ” of good “ addition already, want to do ” of good “ subtration again. Since this year, I save (Jilin) economic growth and energy-saving those who decreased a platoon to form a litre to fall is bright contrast: First half of the year, total output value of complete province area grows 16.5% compared to the same period, add fast house throughout the country the 2nd; Main contaminant COD decreases a platoon to measure 26 thousand tons, drop compared to the same period 6.57% , fall a first place of row whole nation, 2 oxidation sulfur decreases a platoon to measure eighteen thousand nine hundred tons, row whole nation the 16th. Base of Jilin old industry is in in marching toward the journey that revitalizes in the round, handed in good fast beautiful beautiful exam paper.

In last few years, multiplying a country to revitalize the east wind of policy of base of northeast old industry, I save economic progress to begin to enter good fast track. Realize contaminant to decrease a platoon even while economy maintains rapid growth, difficulty is great, pressure is greater. To this, governmental attitude is determined and provincial Party committee, province is clear. Governor Han Changfu points out in speaking, must have grabbed the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon adamantinely, the text of “ addition ” that should make good economy grow already, should have done again energy-saving the article of “ subtration ” that decreases a platoon.

Each district decreases a responsibility book through signing, decompose the target that decrease a platoon and task fulfil the responsibility unit such as each city county, branch and enterprise, in bringing into system of job responsibility of target of governmental environmental protection at the same time. Complete province is preliminary formed governmental dominant, environmental protection branch is superintended, the cooperation of concerned branch division of labor, unit that decrease a platoon is responsible and concrete executive working system and moving mechanism. Bureau of province environmental protection for many times jointly with the province censorial hall decreases a working progress circumstance to undertake overall superintend and director is checked to each city, city; Province hair changes appoint, classics appoint strive for a country actively to support fund, accelerate advance project of Songhua River program to carry out; The province builds hall to push operation of industrialization of urban sewage treatment plant actively; Province finance hall raises money actively financing of the work that decrease a platoon, support the project that decrease a platoon energetically; Province classics appoint carry out actively implement national industry policy, drive close stop the high cost such as group of small fire electric machinery can, … of tall pollution industry…
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