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Lukewarm of the extreme in centering heat addition 5 big reasons (Xu Ansha)
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<*** Align="center">Lukewarm of the extreme in centering heat addition 5 big reasons <*** Align="center"> Xu Ansha warms an energy-saving Xie Gong *** one, hydraulic and maladjusted: *** this is the mainest factor, and be from the back the fundamental element of a few kinds of reasons. Can every circulate with heat source heating shunt-wound system regards as between user of pump photograph connective, if take close end and extreme look,compare so, heat source and obstruction of dry canal part is both before carrying an user nearly it is identical, but later former be apart from to final user extremely short, and latter distance is very long, and ask these two paragraphs of obstruction are identical, this is equivalent to the close diameter that carry a canal should be being designed when comparing convention slightly somes small, and when extreme is in charge of diameter design to compare convention slightly somes big, and heat addition radius is this kind longer difference is bigger, and actual far from is such: When space of tubal net, each floor, each plot is designed, not be same reason is not a designing institute same a thinking means, also not be same time differs namely pace design, more important is to design personnel to be able to consider afore-mentioned correct concept scarcely, and often guard overmeasure of for the purpose of to be in charge of diameter size and water pump parameter. This adds strength of major key section to undertake was redeeminged with respect to controller of need heat addition. Method of multistage adjusting control can be used when *** adjustment, should be opposite not only trunk, trunk, branch line, door the valve of the line has adjusting control, erect canal hangs down to divide a valve that raises a canal to undertake modulatory even on smooth to raising the water inside a line, building branch, level branch even, this is equivalent to needing 3-8 class adjusting control, be close to Yu Jinduan more, adjust progression of bigger, adjusting control jumps over strength much; More adjacent at extreme adjustment strength progression of smaller, adjusting control also is jumped over little. But regretful is: In reality often wait for an element as a result of quality of design, program, management, valve, cause a valve the network is intricate, each user is adjustable accuse progression to differ, certain user receives Yu Jinduan to do a canal to go up directly even, but 2-3 class even 1 class adjusting control, cause heating power system to be hard to balance. Actually, when if plan meticulously to mix,be being designed, carry an user to be able to accuse progression to answer nearly most, raise artery to be extended backward ceaselessly namely, classification, and extreme canal net should decrease to classification ceaselessly as far as possible, add appropriately according to the circumstance such as size of heat addition radius a few thicker tubal diameter. Of course, in adjusting control of perfect system tubal a network, appearance of nicety of the system of high grade static balance a powerful person, dynamic balance a powerful person, a powerful person that can use value, form a complete set, and professional adjustment experience and mode, the global idea that together with controls to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with practice, hardware and software theoretically and skill, also cannot little.
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