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Use section coal synergist to promote company of cement establishing kiln energy
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Nowadays, quite company of cement establishing kiln still is put in product quality not tall, pollution serious, scale of production the circumstance such as on the high side of too small, specific power consumption, be in energy-saving below the great topological features that decreases a platoon, improve urgently. And a few more advanced concrete establish kiln enterprise to be able to mix in every respect the new-style product line working a way of 2500t/d places on a par: In product quality respect, 3 days of compressive strength can achieve a lot of grog establishing kiln 30MPa, 28 days of compressive strength achieve 55MPa above, free oxidation calcium is in 3% less than, can stabilize manufacturing 42.5R cement.
In environmental protection respect, remove the technological equipment beyond kiln, new-style dry method and establish kiln to be able to use equal environmental protection to administer means to achieve similar processing result, if company of cement of Xuzhou for a long time is mixed,companies of large quantities of one cement establishing kiln such as company of cement of Hainan day cliff can reach the level of garden type factory. In addition, abandon resource of second raw material to use a field integratedly, establish kiln apparent excel is new-style dry method, in use limestone oxidation calcic 42%~45% , grog magnesian be as high as sulfur of 5%~6% , 3 oxidation to be as high as 4% above, establish kiln to still can produce a high grade grog, and new-style dry method faces this kind of circumstance to be produced almost impossibly normally, be like: City of far, Lu establishs Sichuan power kiln cement plant, calcium of limestone, oxidation makes dosage is in all the year round 42%~46% , in grog of company of cement of Xuzhou for a long time magnesian 5%~6% , how does Guizhou arrange sulfur of the 3 oxidation in grog of company of building materials of violet Yun Chengxiang to be as high as 4% . Look from hear rate, the new-style dry normal that 2000t/d controls is general and actual ㎏ of hear rate 3350kJ~3550kJ/ , and machine hear rate establishing kiln is under 3800kJ/ ㎏ already general, the hear rate of company establishing kiln of synergist of use section coal is in of 3350kJ~3550kJ/ ㎏ already had much home, be like Sichuan power far company of cement of Lan Liang of county of company of cement of bridge of peace and tranquility of plant of the 6th cement, Lu city, Lu, Chongqing drives water cement company, Guizhou well of company of building materials of violet Yun Chengxiang, Sichuan grinds company of Shi Long cement. Carrying cost can (oily) respect, cement is spent centrally after rising, the sale radius of the product should spin commonly 30km~50km, beyond grey stone of former fuel stone removal, other data supplies radius to also can increase commonly. Produce per year 1 million tons cement plant to half product increases carriage radius 30km by, every car carries 20t on average, oily 25L of every 100km bad news counts a car, sell radius 1 year to increase because of the product, be about oily 200t of much waste time, the cement of hypothesis whole nation rises because of be being spent centrally, the cement that increases sale radius is occupied 40% , will because of fuel of this many bad news 2 million tons. String 8
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