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Specific power consumption reduces company of drop of circular increase north en
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Inc. of bitumen of north of Pan Jin of northland net dispatch takes energy-saving managing seriously, make year after year of wastage of water, report, fuel, steam decreases, begin electric machinery of sewage disposal recycle, clean production, high-power to install condenser water of transducer, vapour to reclaim at the same time use etc, produced economic benefits not only, bring social benefit and environmental benefit at the same time.

Boreal drop company is the company of state-owned share-holding system that gives priority to business Wu with producing road petroleum pitch, it is national emphasis one of 1000 energy-saving enterprises. Affirm 805783.74 tons to integrated 2005 the sources of energy uses up coal of amount to standard through audit of the sources of energy. The 915 ” of “ that make according to the province the energy-saving target of evening, with gross of specific power consumption was base 2005, company the energy-saving job that to “ 915 ” evening wants to finish 50 thousand tons of coal. String 1

The company takes energy-saving managing seriously, increase complete member energy-saving consciousness. In last few years, throw 10 thousand yuan about a hundred every year to be used at energy-saving decrease a platoon, not only generation economic benefits, bring social benefit and environmental benefit at the same time. Sewage passes the recycle after processing, the company makes Pan Jin city and even complete province the first sewage 0 arrange a business. 2001, the company becomes me to save one of the first batch of companies that have clean production. Those who pass pair of 18 high-power electric machinery to install condenser water of transducer, vapour reclaim use, low pressure beyond heats up steam recycle, heating furnace to bring fan transform, gas reclaims angrily use etc, make crude oil treatment measures water of direct while year after year rises energy resources, report, fuel, steam to use up year after year to decrease. String 3

The processing that company and Tsinghua university develop the biology ceramists technology of development to apply at oiliness sewage jointly is answered use at circular cooling water, 1998 investment moves. Oiliness sewage is in after via lying between fat amiable surplus two class are handled, enter plant of biology ceramists sewage disposal, use ceramists surface to accumulate big characteristic, a large number of bacteria adhere to on its, shed outdated when oiliness sewage, suck among them corrupt oily, make water quality gets depurative. The water quality after processing achieves the water standard of circular cooling water completely, answer entirely with, managing a large number of fresh water natural resources. The accrual of this project basically is reflected in corrupt oil reclaims, sewage is answered use and decrease blowdown water 3 respects, can produce 470 thousand yuan economic benefits every year. Boreal drop company administers the typical unit that the respect is bureau of environmental protection flourishing town in sewage.
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